Friday, May 15, 2009

on bagels

ghee is also enjoyed simply on bagels or toast. add a little drizzle of honey or smear of jam and you are really talking...

Here are few more ghee facts to digest while you enjoy your morning bagel.

-While Ghee does have cholesterol, it is not oxidized cholesterol. The cholesterol in ghee is an essential molecule needed by our brain, nerves and tissues.

-When cooking most unsaturated and saturated oils, peroxides, free radicals and trans fats are formed. All are linked to serious chronic health conditions. Ghee has a more stable saturated bond (i.e it lacks the double bonds that are easily damaged by the heat of cooking) therefore, it does not form dangerous free radicals or become a trans-fat when cooking. It is the most stable of all oils to cook with.

-Ghee has short chain fatty acids that are metabolized very readily by the body.

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